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Via Rosa: How to pray the Rosary, the Rosary Prayers and Mysteries

How to Pray the Rosary

Online Catholic Prayerbook

A beautiful Scriptural Rosary

EWTN Devotional Prayers

Lord's Prayer in 1300+ languages and dialects

St. Charles Borromeo's Collection of Prayers

A Treasure of over 1600 Catholic Prayers

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Rosaries for Contemplative Dimension of Prayer (Franciscan Crown, 7-decade configuration)

Ecumenical Miracle Rosary is a devotion dedicated to bringing all Christians together in prayer

History of the Rosary

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My Favorite Rosary-Makers!!!

If you didn't find what you were looking for among our pages, please look through these sites, wonderful work done by my friends:


Queen Of Peace Rosaries --- the "original" wire-wrapped rosary-maker! --- makes quality gemstone and other fine rosaries,  available in sterling, 14K gold, and bronze.  A neighbor and friend!

Atelier-Beads --- our Anglican counterpart and good friend.

The Rosary Workshop's Margot Carter-Blair has been a great mentor, and an inspiration, to so many of us!

Keepsake Rosaries, made from flowers from your memorable occasion, is a family-based business specializing in wedding and funeral rosaries.

Terrific Catholic Resources

If you need a rosary, but can't afford one, contact these good people:

  Rosary Army
"Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away.
That's what we do at Rosary Army ."

"Our goal is to get Rosaries into the hands of as many people as possible, and to help people grow closer to Jesus Christ through meditating on the Rosary."
Donations are hoped and prayed for, but completely optional here if you really need a rosary and for whatever reason are not able to purchase one. 

Holy Cross Family Ministries
Rosaries for the World program also distributes rosaries to those that need them, and we give the other half of our mission rosaries to them. serves those who serve, offering U.S. Armed Forces personnel spiritual truths of military life in light of the Catholic Faith.
Armed Forces personnel spiritual truths of military life in light of the Catholic Faith. The primary mission of is to strengthen Catholic families, and to promote vocations to the Military Archdiocese.  Paragraph 2310 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states "Those who are sworn to serve their country in the armed forces are servants of the security and freedom of nations. If they carry out their duty honorably, they truly contribute to the common good of the nation and the maintenance of peace."



The Gospel of Life is found in the teaching of Christ and His Church. The Vatican Web Site is a repository of Church documents and other information.

THE Global Catholic Network: The EWTN web-site, in addition to archives of their past television and radio series, is a great resource for prayers and information, as well as an extensive selection of books and videotapes.

The mission of BCTV, the Boston Catholic Television Center , is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ as promulgated by the Roman Catholic Church and to evoke a response of love and attention to Him through the use of television media and to expose the viewers to worship and religious education with an aim to evoking a Catholic response to the social issues of the day.

St. Matthias Parish of Marlborough, MA

Father Pat Umberger's personal Web site, Father Pat's Place , offers more than 100 pages on issues ranging from grief support, reconciliation, marriage problems, Lenten regulations and Catholic teaching on war.  Father Pat uses technology to spread Christ's word in the same way St. Paul used the methods available to him.
"He traveled by boat. He wrote letters. Whatever technology he had, he used."

Have you ever wished for a resource that would help you participate more fervently in the Mass ... That would give sound guidance regarding prayer... Or That would help you grow in your spiritual life without putting excessive demands on your busy schedule?  MAGNIFICAT is the answer!

ChantCD has Marian Hymns, Vespers, Matins, Benediction Hymns, Kyriale, Mass Propers, Divine Office, etc.

Theotokos Catholic Books , focusing selling and recommending great Catholic books, also promotes the Message of Fatima, Marian apparitions and the discernment thereof, and a list of both Church-approved and unapproved apparitions of Mary.

The Militia of the Immaculata is a worldwide evangelization movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe in 1917 that encourages total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a means of spiritual renewal for individuals and society.

Therese , the Official site of the new movie about the life of St. Therese of Lisieux.

ZENIT Catholic News - Their mission is to provide objective coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church.

The mission of Catholic News Service is the mission of the Church itself -- to spread the Gospel through contemporary means of communication.  Their mission is to perform this task by reporting the news which affects Catholics in their everyday lives.

Catholic Online - A huge resource center, with news, thousands of links, forums, articles, devotions, shopping, web hosting and design and more.

The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute is THE encyclopedia of all things Mary!   They are an international center of research and study on the role of Mary in Christian life. The Marian Order founded the University of Dayton in 1850. Since 1943 it has been a home to the Marian Library, which holds the world's largest collection of printed information on Mary, the Blessed Virgin.  (My favorite reference is the Resources page!)

Our Sunday Visitor

Apple Seeds , a newsletter by Fr. Cavanagh of Franciscan University

Totally Catholic Link Directory

Catholic Messages USA - Resources/News/Directory

The CrossRoads Initiative is Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio's ministry of renewal and evangelization. This site is full of great resources for spiritual growth and catechesis, many of them free.

Good News Ministries , Evangelization for a New Millenium, provides a wealth of information in a convenient format, including Daily Reflections (Scripture Reading) and Calendar.

Lest we Forget Pray for the relief and release of the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Read about Acts of Heroic Charity, Avoiding Purgatory. Treasury of prayers; Information on Purgatory. Free Cenacle Scriptural Rosary Booklets.

Adoration, Lenten, and Cenacle Scriptural Rosary Booklets - The Apostolate of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary - Free offering of printable on-line editions or published versions available by mail - Choose from six editions (Douay, NAB, RSV) with classic or modern prayers - Included in each 56 to 88 page booklet: St. Louis de Montfort Consecration to Our Lord Jesus Christ through Our Lady, prayers, and appropriate scripture passages - Imprimatur - Prayer Request area.

Award-winning Catholic singer/songwriter & recording artist Mark Mallet's new album, Through Her Eyes ,  is a direct response to Pope John Paul II's call to the faithful to rediscover the beauty, power and depth of the Rosary once again. This powerful & contemporary CD offers a completely new method to contemplate the mysteries of the Rosary.

Our Lady's Warriors is an informal group of Catholic Laity who defend the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Faith by remaining obedient to the Holy See and Magisterium and fighting dissent within the Church.

Life Athletes   is a coalition of more than 200 professional and Olympic athletes who teach and inspire others to respect life and live lives of virtue and sexual abstinence. Life Athletes was founded as an independent, athlete-directed, non-profit organization in 1992.

NCCB Pro-Life Secretariat is the arm of the U.S. Bishops' Conference that conducts a broad-based information and education effort, in the Church and in society, to deepen respect for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  Its mission is to act, in light of the Gospel of Life, to protect all human life, especially the unborn, disabled, elderly and dying.

Priests for Life   is an officially approved association of Catholic clergy that assists other clergy in addressing life issues. Priests for Life adds both an authoritative voice and a sacrificial power to the pro-life cause.

The Susan B. Anthony List has a remarkable tool that allows visitors to send messages directly to their Members of Congress, asking for support of pro-life legislation. You don't even have to know who your Member is, all you need to do is type in your address. Sample letters are included! The Susan B. Anthony List also trains pro-life activists and candidates, works to dispel the myths about abortion, and is trying to increase the percentage of pro-life women in Congress (through their Candidate Fund).

Marytown is the site of the National Shrine of St. Maximillian Kolbe, with a beautiful retreat and conference center, available for group pilgrimages and tours.

Angelina Sings!   Angelina is a teenage Catholic artist who shares her gift of voice and love of her faith through song. She just recently traveled to the Vatican where she helped celebrate the blessing of the outdoor Nativity. She sang "Do You Hear What I Hear" after the Pope gave his annual blessing and lighting of the peace candle. Angelina was in Italy, Ireland and Poland this summer making some of the first Catholic music videos. One in particular is the first music video that has ever been filmed inside the Vatican. Angelina has 6 CD's available, all of which are available on her website.

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping is a group of devout young men and woman from the University of Notre Dame, who have some thought-provoking conversation, and a lot of good links, including some to Art and Music of the Church.  A refreshing alternative to the lament "Kids these days...".  Catholic Spirituality can be "cool" --- good news!

Sancta Sanctis is another super blog by a woman who does her thinking. She has a great list of links from vocations to life issues to Catholic humor!

Not to be confused with U-Dayton's library, The Mary Pages , is a labor of love devoted to Mary and her apparitions since 1830, by "Grandpa" Leo de Bondt. A tremendous amount of care and work have gone into these pages on the Blessed Virgin.

My favorite Padre Pio links are on my Padre Pio Novena Chaplet page!

Biblical Art on the Web contains not only an amazing collection of exquisite art, but it sorted by biblical book and topic.  A priceless resource!

Say a Prayer and Light a Candle

Favorite Resources

Catholic Rosary Parts is the source for parts that have been lovingly collected by Roberta (of Mary's Prayers) and myself; we give new life to these antique works of art, having them hand-cast into bronze and silver.

Crystal Beads of Boston

Divine Twine creates hand-dyed rosary twine in gorgeous colors.


Rosary Workshop


Tucscon Show Guide

Rio Grande

Shipwreck Beads

Stones'n'Silver specializes in rare & hard-to-find drilled gemstone beads, gemstone heishi, carved pendant beads, calibrated & freeform cabochons and freeform nuggets.

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