Water and wine is a recurring theme ... Jesus turns the water to wine at Cana, water and wine stream from Jesus side after his crucifixion, water is mixed with wine when we celebrate the Eucharist. 


The handmade lampwork Pater beads in this rosary capture wine swirling with water --- burgundy and pale blue.  These 16mm sterling-capped beads are echoed by the Aves, 7mm firepolished crystals in blue/garnet givre.

The rosary is joined with a sterling Virgo Regina centerpiece, and sterling medal with Jesus (Sacred Heart image, see above)) at the Last Supper on one side, and Monstrance on the obverse.

When the priest adds a drop or two of water to the chalice with the wine in it he refers to how Christ took our humanity up into a bond with His divinity. The wine symbolizes at this moment His divinity and the water our humanity. Also, remember that the baptized also participate in their own way (not the same way as a priest) in the priesthood of Christ. They are called to offer their sacrifices at Mass too. They have at this moment a chance to make an act of unity with the sacrfice (Mass is a sacrifice) being raised up by the priest. Picture it this way: at that moment, you can place all your troubles, cares, intentions, concerns, pains, sufferings, joys, acts of thankgiving, into that chalice the priest is preparing. Just as the wine takes in the water and transforms it, so too your offerings will be taken up by God.

Prayer over the mixing of water and wine:  "By the mystery of this water and wine may we come to share in the divinity of Christ, who humbled himself to share in our humanity."

This is a profound and amazing prayer, dating back to St. Ambrose of Milan, bishop and doctor, who lived in the 4th c. He was the man who baptized St. Augustine of Hippo.

Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf

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